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Details and luxury without compromise

We chose our Bentley Continental Flying Spur to offer classic luxury. Unlike today's aggressive design, our Bentley has a softer design language that does not take over wedding images but at the same time with its size provides a very clear presence. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is equipped with a 12-cylinder W12 engine 560HP, which made it the world's fastest 4-door vehicle in the world at launch. Another advantage of a strong engine like this is that accelerations are smooth and effortless in cities. In combination with Bentley's infamous air suspension system, you get a feeling of gliding through clouds. Quite simply an exceptional riding experience. All seats are equipped with heating and cooling ventilation as well as massage for optimal comfort. Whether you need our Bentley for weddings, student parties, or to pamper your clients, our Bentley is perfect for providing an experience like no other that lasts forever.



Racing DNA meets luxury

Bentley was founded on January 18, 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley. Before the First World War, Walter Owen Bentley and his brother Horace Millner Bentley had sold French DFP cars, but had the goal of building their own car. In August 1919 was created.  Bentley designed the Bentley 3 Liter, which was revolutionary at the time with 4 valves per cylinder (first in the world) and dual spark plugs. The car was extremely reliable and won the Le Mans 24-hour 1924 and subsequent models repeated the feat every year between 1927 and 1930. 


The Continental Flying Spur was launched as a four-door sibling to the 2003 Continental coupe, while maintaining the performance values of the GT, which at the same time offers space, comfort and sophistication that only a luxury grand touring sedan can offer. Available in both a Speed version, where performance was enhanced and the design echoed its sporty character, and Series 51 - where the design values were of paramount importance and for the first time a three-tone interior was offered, making personalization almost unlimited.


Rolls Royce may be the king of all vehicles but the Bentley Flying Spur does not lag behind with its extraordinary focus on material selection. Every detail is upholstered in genuine and carefully selected wood, leather and metals on every button and cm in the interior with a timeless design that will live on for many years to come.  For more pictures of interior & exterior via THE GALLERY below.


A Bentley will always attract attention and our Flyng Spur is no exception. With its classic design and length, it fits well in all events and assignments. Our Bentley is perfect for enriching your day with its equipment, comfort, and luxury. The strong engine and four-wheel drive provide an incredibly soft riding experience but at the same time can quickly accelerate when needed. Ideal for transporting VIP customers.  No assignment is impossible for us to arrange with our first-class service. Review our services SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES & BUSINESS SERVICES for more information.

See also pictures from our wedding assignments alone or via  THE GALLERY for even more pictures.


Place to place package 1

SEK 2500 / hour within Malmö and outskrits

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