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As part of our quality assurance program, MALM ELITE always wants to be transparent in its business operations. Consequently, we have tried to ensure that our terms are presented in an easy-to-understand format. Please note that these terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with your quotation. Payment of your deposit confirms that you accept the offer and the accompanying terms. If payment are done on site the terms are accept once a booking confirmation has been sent and not disputed. 



The quote includes complete vehicle rental with driver and all associated fuel costs and is based on the information you have given us. Additional or subsequent destinations recommended after approval of the quote must be priced accordingly. You must accept it before the work can continue. Standard ribbons in a color of your choice and bottles of still water are also provided as a courtesy. Please we do not offer transportation services. The payments are for photography only however we do allow to offer transport to and from the locations to which the photography will occur. 


The quote indicates the total number of hours that the vehicle has been contracted to you. If your use of the vehicle exceeds the total number of agreed hours, the surplus will be charged in commenced 30 minutes after the agreed time stated in your quote. For the avoidance of doubt, a 20 minute will be charged 30 minutes. The payment for the extra time must be agreed and paid before the extra time that arises. If payment is made outside normal opening hours, payment can be made directly to the driver. If additional hours are likely to occur, failure or refusal to pay the additional fees may well result in termination of the assignment with immediate effect. The minimum rental period for a single day booking is 2 (two) hours. Parking fees are excluded unless otherwise stated in your quote. We provide you and your guests traveling in our experience with drinks and snacks in a quantity of normal expected amount based on the number of guests and the duration of the experience. Meals are not included unless otherwise stated by us or the driver. We will always purchase foods, goods or anything else requested to ensure you the best possible experience if you're unable to purchase this yourself. The value of these purchases will be invoiced after the experience however we do reserve the right to demand upfront payment later or during the experience.  It is extremely common for the agreed hours to be exceeded. We recommend, and it is more cost-effective, to book another hour from the start. In cases where the time exceeds the total number of agreed hours, and is not settled on site, residual debt is sent as an invoice if nothing has been agreed. Invoice fee is SEK 250. Reminder fee is SEK 500. Interest on arrears 10%.


Upon booking confirmation, you must pay a refundable deposit equal to 25% of the total value of the booking unless otherwise stated. This payment ensures that the vehicle will not be contracted with any other party on the agreed date during the agreed rental periods. This is only subject to receipt of the remaining balance as approved funds one calendar month before the date of employment. If a booking is made within 1 calendar month, payments can be made in connection with the assignment. Note that a booking confirmation is only sent out when the parties have agreed on the booking and the booking details.

When a booking confirmation is sent in connection with an oral agreement, booking is considered confirmed even without written confirmation. Customer must provide feedback if the booking is incorrect or if changes need to be made.


Payments can be made by direct bank transfer, debit card or credit card. We can also accept cash payments.


Your payment is not transferable. This specifically applies to the vehicle requested for the dates and times of the agreed rental and for the specified destinations.


Note: Payment of your deposit confirms that you accept the offer and that you have received and accept the general terms and conditions that you have received. In the case of booking confirmation where payment is to be made in another way, the offer is considered approved if no objections are made within 48 hours.




Notice of cancellation of booking must be made in writing and no later than 2 calendar months before the confirmed rental date. Bookings made within 2 months cannot be canceled. To some extent on dates where there are not many bookings, MALM Elite can accept cancellation. However, in some high-season periods, such as the student celebration, this cannot be accepted as we usually have time to refuse other requests. The company will provide a written confirmation of termination of the agreement along with information on any money that may be paid or refunded in accordance with the assignment. Note: If cancellation notice is received within 2 months, you will be responsible for the remaining balance of the confirmed booking. If the payment was to be done on the sameday as the assignment, the full amount must be paid. To some extent, change of dates can be accepted if this does not result in a double booking. Cancellations can also be accepted until the last date and another booking request is made on that day. If a new date has not yet been set, the booking must be paid if it has been agreed that this would be paid in connection with an assignment. Rebookings can only be done once. It is possible to transfer the booking opportunity and of course we also try to help with this.



To ensure the safety of our drivers and maintain the highest quality standards that you, our client, have expected to smoke and the consumption of food in the vehicle is expressly prohibited. Consumption of beverages is permitted but strictly at the tenants' risk. Any spills that require professional restoration will be charged to the tenant accordingly. A comprehensive inspection of the damage to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle is carried out before the vehicle leaves our premises and also when it is returned. The details of these inspections are recorded on a damage protection sheet.


We understand that in the spirit of wedding parties, your party or associates may want to be photographed in or around the vehicle. This is when injuries are most likely to occur. We respectfully ask that you inform all your guests not to touch / lean on the vehicle. Photography in or around the vehicle must be approved by the driver before it takes place.


Should further damage be found as a direct result of negligent or prohibited conduct, you as the Tenant will be responsible for the cost of repair and loss of business while the vehicle is being repaired


Our drivers are very experienced and mature individuals who will always act with the utmost respect and discretion. While they are responsible for the vehicle, our drivers have full authority to refuse any passenger who, through his behavior according to the driver (who will be the sole assessor) poses a threat to the driver, vehicle, other passengers or road users.


Our drivers reserve the right to terminate the assignment with immediate effect if any member of your party, or affiliates, exhibits any conduct that is considered unacceptable. In such an event, any unpaid time will be invoiced.


The tenant is responsible for any damage that they or their party, or any associated parties, may have caused, regardless of how it occurs. Costs for such damage are invoiced directly to the tenant at actual cost plus 15%. Costs can also include for loss of income while the vehicle is being repaired.


Decoration of the vehicle with ribbons may only be performed by the driver. If you want to supply customized wedding bands, the company will work with you to ensure that a band of acceptable quality is selected from an approved manufacturer. Poor quality tapes have been known to cause costly damage to paint by leaking dye. Wedding ribbons of your choice WILL NOT be used without approval.


Note: Under no circumstances will we allow anyone other than our driver that you have agreed to drive or take the driver's seat, not even for photography.




Our vehicles are kept in pristine condition and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The company can not take responsibility for unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to mechanical breakdowns, accidents, punctures, changed rules from authority, denied access to places or countries due to changed rules or restrictions, difficult traffic or weather conditions or other events, acts from God that perceived as outside MALM ELITE's control. Refunds can not be demanded, canceled and damages can not be demanded. Unpaid costs must still be settled. In the case of "no show", the booking can be transferred to another party or another date accepted if this does not result in a double booking.


In the unlikely event of a mechanical accident that makes the vehicle unsafe to drive or immobilize the vehicle, we will make reasonable efforts to either replace the vehicle for a similar vehicle from our fleet or at least provide alternative transportation.


If we can not deliver in any of the cases, we will reimburse all rental costs with a discretion is payment of a maximum of SEK 1500 or deduct this amount from the invoice and thereby terminate our liability to you.


When the assignment is completed, the vehicle is thoroughly checked and cleaned when it is returned. If there are any items found, you will be notified immediately. Your goods will be made available for collection. Of course, this can also be mailed to you. In the unfortunate event that objects are reported but not found in the vehicle, the company cannot take any responsibility or liability for loss of such objects.



MALM ELITE respects your right to privacy. We work with absolute discretion and confidentiality. Our drivers are not allowed to take photos or request autographs, nor are they allowed to discuss the details of a particular assignment even before they are completed.



The company is proud of its customer care policy. If you have any reasons for complaint, please contact us in writing as soon as practicable, but preferably within 7 days of the assignment. Enter as much information as possible. We promise to fully investigate your complaint. Whenever possible, we will report back our findings to you and the action taken, and we will endeavor to do so within seven days of receiving your complaint.

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